Background Checks

Well Focused, LLC delivers the best and most reliable background checks and has the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs over time. Our capabilities in providing industry specific background screening packages are what set us apart from most providers of this service. We are powered by Background Screeners of America (BSA), a premier national provider of online background screenings and the ONLY source of the Defender Series™ customized search packages. These packages allow the employer to select from background screening packages that are designed for their particular industry or design a package that meet their business needs. Either way you can rest assured that you are receiving:

Superior Information Quality – Comprehensive databases that are updated continually.
Negative results reviewed and confirmed by highly qualified investigators
with decades of experience.

State of the Art Technology – Wed based one click search selection. Secure, encrypted servers retain you search data.

Convenience and Speed – With our system you have 24/7 access and most reports are completed instantly.

Regulatory Protection – Our compliance officers stay current with all state and local regulations and FCRA requirements.

Responsive Support – Experienced staff available by email or telephone to answer your questions.

Quality Selection – Choose from the most effective searches available.

CDLIS (Commercial Driver’s License Information System)
Criminal Search, Single County
Education Verification
Employment Credit Report
Employment Verification
Federal Criminal Search
Global Report
InstaCriminal Nationwide Search (SexOffender included)
InstaCriminal, Single State (Sex Offenderincluded)
InstaEviction, National Search
InstaEviction, Single State Search
(Motor Vehicle Report)

MedClear ORG, Single State
MedClear PRO, Single State
MedClear ORG, National
MedClear PRO, National
Reference Verification
Residence Verification
Social Security Address Trace Report
Tenant Credit Report with FICO Score
Tenant Credit Report w/o FICO Score
Workers’ Comp Report


And remember, there is never a setup fee or annual fee. You only pay for what you need.

Background Checks